We Keep Your Belly Filled With Love


Our dream finally came true, and we want to share our story with you. Susto, aka Eduardo Rivera, has always had
a passion for Mexican food and having fun. Along with his wife, Naty, and their two beautiful daughters
Mia and Emma, have always dreamed about opening their very own family restaurant.

In this place, they can share with other people a little bit of their Hispanic culture. This couple is known
for knowing how to host fabulous parties, so hang tight, crazy things are about to happen.
Finally, in the fall of 2020, Susto’s Taco Bar came alive, and you will be beside us to help us keep writing history.


Mom – Event coordinator – Owner


Dad – Owner – General Manager


Daughter – Soccer Player


Daughter – Soccer Player


Susto’s taco bar is a family-owned restaurant with many goals; one is to provide a friendly environment
to share with the people we love and create lots of fun memories.

And most importantly, to keep your belly filled with love. We offer so many Latin delicious dishes, everything from
burritos to empanadas. Our cozy little Conner will bring your Hispanic side alive with fun music and delicious homemade drinks.